About Us

Mersey Community News is operated by a collection of both NCTJ qualified volunteer journalists and trainee journalists.

As we have been developing as journalists, we realised that numerous stories from the region were simply not getting the recognition that they deserved.

Consequently, we operate on a daily basis to deliver news that represents the thoughts, feelings and the challenges faced by the Merseyside community.

We want to help build bridges with the general public and become a force for good in the community.

What counts as “community news”?

When we talk about community journalism, we are often talking about the delivery of locally-oriented news that focuses on city neighbourhoods. For that reason, we cover individual ‘patches’, neighbourhoods and suburbs.

Basically, community journalism concentrates on the effect that local news impacts local readers. It can occasionally cover wider topics, but usually with a tie-in to the communities we serve.

This can involve writing about topics relating to local education, sport, crime, amongst other details of community life in Merseyside.

We will seldom publish stories about businesses unless there is a direct link, once again, to the needs of the community.

Does this mean we can write or publish anything we want?

In short…no, not entirely.

As with most news outlets in the UK, we choose to publish and self-regulate our content in accordance with the UK IPSO Code of Practice, which can be found here: https://www.ipso.co.uk/editors-code-of-practice/.

We are committed to fair and ethical reporting. While this does not mean that we avoid stories in the public interest, we will reject content that is deliberately invasive or could be construed as hate speech.

As our mission states, we are committed to the needs of our readers, and in so doing, it is also our mission to protect the community.

It is our job to ensure to the best of our ability that all of the information we publish is accurate to the best of our working knowledge.

Will we make mistakes?

Mistakes can and do happen, for many reasons. We encourage readers to get in contact with us as soon as possible to rectify any changes.

We are happy to change any errors, typos to things such as: individual names, businesses quotes, etc. This will be done without quibbles.

Please be advised that, in cases where stories involve an additional source, we have a legal duty to approach them for comment.