Egremont schoolchildren told to ‘hide behind tables’ after man with knife threatens to ‘blow up’ home

Staff and pupils at Egremont Primary School were forced to evacuate today after a major police incident took place nearby the school grounds.

Police were called to the scene at Darlington Street in Wallasey, following concerns for safety for a man in his 30s.

According to reports from Merseyside Police, emergency services were responding to reports that a man with a knife was threatening to ‘blow up’ a house next to the school.

Gas services, matrix vans and armoured police were on the scene.

Five roads were cordoned off in total, and school children in the nearby primary school were evacuated to the local Town Hall.

Five streets in total were cordoned off by police following reports of a man threatening to ‘blow up’ his home near Egremont Primary School in Wallasey.

According to parents on the scene, pupils were told by staff at the school to ‘hide behind tables’ as police continued to investigate the situation next to the premises.

Residents in nearby properties were also evacuated from the scene, with some taking shelter in the rain.

One resident took shelter under a bus stop.

He said: “We got out sharpish. We didn’t have time to get our coats and we didn’t get any money, so we’re waiting here until we know what’s going on.

“I don’t mind getting wet. I am just worried about what happens to my home.”

Another evacuated resident took shelter in a car outside of the police cordons.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “This is a road full of homes for the elderly, and families with young children.

“We still do not know what is going on, and we cannot go home. It’s chaos, but the police have got to do their job.”

Primary school children were guided to a point of safety as police investigated the scene. (Credit: MCN)

Merseyside Police have since released a statement regarding the incident.

They said: ” We can confirm officers are in attendance in Wallasey today, Friday, 28 February, following a report of a man, armed with a knife, making threats.

“Officers are currently in Darlington Close, having been called at 11.55am, and a number of neighbouring properties have been evacuated.

“It is believed that the man had forced his way into the property and that it is domestic related.

“There are road closures in place in the Darlington Close, Darlington Street, Church Street, Water Street and Union Street area while the incident is ongoing and we advise people to avoid the area at this time.

“Children and staff from Egremont Primary school have been evacuated and taken to a place of safety.

“Officers are at the scene with specially trained negotiators.

“We would like to thank residents for their patience while police attend the incident.”


A suspect, a man in his 30s, has since been arrested by the police.

A Merseyside Police Spokesperson said: “We have arrested a male in his 30s on suspicion of aggravated burglary and affray.

“He has been taken into custody where he will be questioned by officers.

“A search of the property is in the process of being carried out.

“Darlington Close remains cordoned off while further enquiries take place.

“The incident is in the process of being scaled down and surrounding roads will be reopened shortly.”