Talented Halewood Academy Actress Evie Kaufman Lands Debut Role On The Big Screen

A talented young actress from Hunts Cross is embarking on her screen acting debut in a drama set on the Liverpool homefront during World War Two. 

Halewood Academy pupil Evie Kaufman, 12, is set to take on a leading role in the upcoming film, Enemy of the Heart.

Created by Claryn Scott, the production focuses on an Anglo-Italian family living in Liverpool during the outbreak of war.

Their lives are thrown into disarray and turmoil when Mussolini joins forces with Hitler, attacking the country they’ve come to call home. 

Halewood Academy teacher Evie Kaufman is set to embark on her first major debut on the screen, taking on the role of Anglo-Italian youngster Maria Cipriani. (Image credit: Bri Mansys) 

Evie plays 10 year-old Maria Cipriani, the daughter of an Italian father (Mattia Paradiso) and Irish mother (Carrie Pearce).

In the film, Maria’s father is interned as an “enemy alien” on June 10th, 1940. As a result, he is sent aboard the S.S Arandora Star destined for Canada. The story is rooted in real-life experiences; those aboard the ship were considered a threat to national security and extradited from their UK homes.

The ship was torpeadoed by a German U boat two days after it set sail. More than 800 men lost their lives in the tragedy. A memorial stands at the Pier Head this very day. 

Evie’s passion for acting has led her to develop a substantial portfolio of acting experience at a young age. As a result, she has performed in a number of prestigious venues, including the Liverpool Royal Court (Image credit: Sharon Kaufman)

The principal cast also includes Lucy Wareing as 16-year-old Maria, Joseph Stanley, Claryn Scott, Julia Ross and Jack O’Connor. 

Evie already has an impressive array of acting experience to her name, including a performance at Liverpool’s Royal Court. Not only that, but her credits include playing Martha Cratchitt in the Christmas Carol. Most notably, Evie played the lead of Nell in the 25th Anniversary production of Her Benny

The gifted 12-year-old is once again joined by actress Julia Ross, who plays Maria’s aunt, Maisie O’Connor. The pair performed together in the highly-acclaimed stage production of The Mums, Their Sons, and the Knife created by Hope Street Theatre.

Evie will be joining actress Julia Ross during the filming process, whose credits extend to commercials, film, and television. Julia also played Ricky Tomlinson’s ex-wife Pearl in the crime drama, Matopulas.  (Image credit: Danny Burns, L1 Photography)

Speaking about her screen debut, Evie said:

“This was my first professional film role and it was lovely to have Julia playing my aunt!

“I loved being on set with the cast and crew. It was such an enjoyable experience, the costumes were beautiful and everyone was so welcoming. I can’t wait to see the film.” 

Enemy of the Heart is in the post-production process and set to be launched onto the international festival circuit from September 2021.

Header photo by Chris Birchall

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